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The interconnected global ocean

  • covers 71% of the earth's surface
  • provides us with food and oxygen we cannot replace from any other source
  • soaks up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
  • is locally fragile yet globally resilient
  • is huge, yet each place in it is unique
  • is both terrifying and nurturing.

Working at sea is hard, so those who can do it can create sustainable advantage.

Our goal is to startup sustainable businesses using technology to solve Ocean problems, profitably.
Technology like the Internet of Things, satellites, energy harvesting.

This site lets us pool:

  • information, like data sets, science papers, books,
  • skills, like the ability to create electronics, radio gear and stuff that can thrive in the ocean environment
  • physical assets, like buoys in the ocean
  • intangible assets, like rights to deploy systems at sea
  • contacts, to give us access to assets and influence to implement things we develop

to create exceptional outcomes.

Want to be an Ocean Hacker? email oceanhack at point71.org